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Welcome! A little about Asia Hikes:

After  years of living and working throughout Asia, we thought it might be useful to put some of the info out there that we’ve slowly collected over all that time from various hikes spanning all the way from Indonesia to Turkey. We’re starting with more common destinations like China and Nepal, but eventually should have info up from every country in Asia we’ve gone hiking in.

Our personal favorite hiking trails have been in Nepal and Kyrgyzstan, so you’ll find a lot of information about those two throughout the site. We strive to be inclusive and are always happy to learn about new and upcoming trekking destinations, though, so if you know of somewhere better please let us know.

There’s a lot of info and old journals to sort through, so it will take some time to get all the info online! In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any specific questions or to jump over to the Guides/Gear pages to take a look at some suggestions regarding what to take and not to take. These are all things that either we personally use or that come highly recommended from others (we’re not huge on GPS devices, for example, but some people swear by their Garmin).

We’ve done the best we can to offer recommendations on trails, gear, and practical considerations for each of the hikes and camping spots that we’ve written about on the site. We can only go so many places each year, though, so if you see any information that you feel is out of date be sure to leave comment and let us know. We’re always looking to improve, and to make sure as many people as possible get to experience the beauty of hiking through the glorious natural beauty of Asia.

A note: As you come across product links, a lot of these are to products on Amazon.com
using our affiliate links. The prices/products/everything are the same as you’d see accessing Amazon directly, except that anything you buy within 24h from Amazon will give about a 6% commission back to us. Similarly, you’ll find occasionally mention of GetYourGuide tours. Aside from side projects like this, I work primarily as a photographer and have photographed a number of tours for GYG. We’ve been satisfied overall with most of their suppliers, and so provide affiliate links here in case they’re useful. It isn’t much, but it helps pay the cost of hosting fees and any leftover go towards funding our next hike! So, your support of Asia-Hikes by using these links is truly appreciated!

Have questions about Asia Hikes? Just leave a comment here and we’ll get back to you!

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