Philippines: Puerto Galera Aninuan Waterfall

Philippines: Waterfall Near Puerto Galera

Another light and easy dayhike option, this time in the Philippines near Puerto Galera (on the island of Mindoro). In Sabang or any of the other tourist resort on the coast near Puerto Galera, tour companies offer organized trips to the Tukuran Waterfalls including lunch for 1200 pesos or more. Instead, either rent a motorbike (500 pesos) or hop in a jeepney towards Calapan (30 pesos). No matter which method of transport you take, though, you’ll be let off about  an hour outside of town.

Jungle Beach; near Puerto Galera, Philippines

Aninuan Waterfall, Puerto Galera

From the turnoff, you have about a half hour walk to the falls themselves. There is a path (sometimes with unmarked forks), but once you find the river you’re best off simply to follow it to the base of the falls. Often there will be locals at the turnoff who will offer to guide you to the falls, sometimes only for your promise to check out their handicrafts stall once you get to the falls.

Jungle Hike; near Puerto Galera, Philippines

Walking to Aninuan Falls

You can take food and use the little picnic area at the falls, or there will likely be vendors selling basic snacks and fruit and cold drinks. If you get tired of swimming in the pool at the base of the falls, consider walking up and behind. The stream when we were there was relatively clear for quite a long way, so you could keep exploring for a while.

Jeepney; near Puerto Galera, Philippines

On the way home from Aninuan Falls

If you have your own transport or you took a tour, you’ll walk back out and probably head back to town (perhaps via the tamaraw falls just beside the main road). Otherwise, hang out at the turnoff from the main road until a jeepney rumbles along. Bonus points if you’ve perfected that kissing noise to get them to stop for you!

Village Life;near Puerto Galera, Philippines

If you have a motorbike, consider wandering a bit on your way back from the waterfall.

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